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Currently I am programming an upload module for GeoServer 2.1-RC2. The user should be able to upload a shape file which is automatically installed as datastore in the default workspace. For this intention I didn’t want to use the REST-API of GeoServer, I wanted to create the data store  programmatically.

The following piece of code adds a ShapeFile data store to GeoServer:

[java] private boolean addShapeFileDataStore(String title, String description, String pathToFile) {
final Catalog catalog = getCatalog();
DataStoreInfo dsInfo = catalog.getFactory().createDataStore();
dsInfo.getConnectionParameters().put("create spatial index", true);
dsInfo.getConnectionParameters().put("charset", "ISO-8859-1");
dsInfo.getConnectionParameters().put("filetype", "shapefile");
dsInfo.getConnectionParameters().put("cache and reuse memory maps", true);
dsInfo.getConnectionParameters().put("url", "file:" + pathToFile);
dsInfo.getConnectionParameters().put("namespace", "");
try {
} catch (Exception e) {
LOGGER.log(Level.WARNING, "Error adding data store to catalog", e);
return true;

It’s quite simple. With this code you can add every kind of data store to GeoServer – all you need to know are the connection parameters. If you do not know the parameters of your kind of data store just create such a data store and write the connection parameters to your log file. You could use the following function:

[java] private void LogDataStoreData(String dataStoreName) {
final Catalog catalog = getCatalog();
DataStoreInfo ds = catalog.getDataStoreByName(dataStoreName);
if (ds!=null)
Map<String,Serializable> conMap = ds.getConnectionParameters();
LOGGER.finest("Id: " + ds.getId());
LOGGER.finest("Name: " + ds.getName());
LOGGER.finest("Description: " + ds.getDescription());
LOGGER.finest("Type: " + ds.getType());
LOGGER.finest("Connection parameters:");

for(String key : conMap.keySet())
LOGGER.finest("\t" + key + ": " + conMap.get(key));

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  1. It says that “getCatalog() isn’t defined” and “LOGGER cannot be resolved”… I am not good at Java so could you please explain how to solve these errors ?

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